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Time in Hamilton -

A famous American comedian once visited Bermuda's beautiful isles and asked if food coloring was added to our ocean to make it so turquoise!  That seems unlikely but our waters boast beautiful, sparkling mesmerizing hues that change depth depending on coral formations and sand patches underneath it all.  When you stand in it you can see your legs!

This island paradise is located in the Atlantic Ocean.  Although we aren't geographically apart of the Caribbean nations, we do have our own unique flavor.  That flavor is best found in our foods and  lifestyle. This is paradise and every paradise has its own flavor.  Flavor so multicultural and rhythmic, there is no doubt that these same vibes flow over into the kitchen.  Local cuisine  is tasty, colorful, healthy, hearty and delicious.  

But if you are able to escape your daily realities, These islands are the perfect destination.  You can stay within budget or splurge on the sophisticated things in life.  We will guide you to restaurants that serve the best in local cuisine and the ones spicing things up.

I would like to take you on a culinary adventure steeped in local traditional cuisine and fanfare.  If you are unable to schedule a relaxing getaway to experience our savory dishes first hand,  it is here that you will find local recipes to help you gain that same island flavor in your own homes.  

Special of the month:

Baked Spicy Donuts

Enjoy this low fat alternative to deep fried donuts. It immediately cuts out excess calories and grease from your breakfast.  Try this recipe with banana or pumpkin bread recipe for a super tantalizing donut.  

Interesting facts of Bermuda

Most people don't know much of Bermuda.  Its a small island in the shape of a fish hook! Here you can learn other unique facts of our history and people.

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