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Time in Hamilton -

A famous American comedian once visited Bermuda's beautiful isles and asked if food coloring was added to our ocean to make it so turquoise.


This is an Atlantic paradise

What a sight to behold after travelling for hours, to see the once dark deep blue Atlantic Ocean suddenly change hues. Beautiful coral reef formations seem to appear closer to your window as the plane descends over the crystal clear waters. Bermuda longtails can be seen playing over the ocean.

Pink Sunset

You notice deep sea Fishing Charters, boat tour charters and cruise liners navigating their way. Anticipation heightens, as you curiously try to spot any sight of land. Then suddenly you see the 21 sq mile area of islands sparkling in the golden sun like the crown jewel she is.

Jet Skiing

This is paradise and every paradise has its own flavor. Flavor so multicultural and rhythmic, there is no doubt that these same vibes flow over into the kitchen. Local cuisine is tasty, colorful, healthy, hearty and delicious.

Steak and Fries

I want to introduce you to a culinary vacation in these subtropical isles. If you are unable to schedule a relaxing getaway to experience our savory dishes first hand, local recipes are provided to help you gain that same island flavor in your own homes.

But if you are able to escape your daily realities, These islands are the perfect destination. You can stay within budget or splurge on the sophisticated things in life. We will show you what is available on the island including hotels, transportation around, where to visit and what to do while highlighting restaurants that serve the best in local cuisine and the ones spicing things up.

Coral reef formations are a barrier of protection

Boat race

The presence of phytoplankton contribute towards the turquoise waters. Phytoplankton can only be found in waters were coral reef is present. Bermuda is the most Northern island in the Atlantic where coral grows. Such growth is due to the Gulf Stream flowing from the south. The coral reef breakers stand out along South Shore thus creating an undeniable boundary of shallow waters and the deep ocean. Along the North Shore the reef formations can be visible from land.

An island steeped in culture

The island is very cultural. Evidence of this can be seen during the annual Heritage Day parade. Here you can see traditional floats made of local flowers and vegetation. The picture below is displaying a traditional Bermudian cottage.

traditional cottage float

There are other cultural events that happen annually where you can be apart of local culture including Cup Match, Agriculture Exhibition, Good Friday and National Trust Walkabout in the Ole Town of St. Georges and the Art Walk.

Have A Bermudaful Day

Facts About Bermuda
About Bermuda provides a snapshot of history and facts about the island.
City of Hamilton
City Of Hamilton is a small sophisticated city with flair
The Parish of St Georges, historic town of St. George
St Georges the Old City of Bermuda
The Bermuda Triangle
The Bermuda Triangle is also known as the Devil's Triangle
Best Restaurants And Eateries In Bermuda
The Best Restaurants In Bermuda
Bermuda Breads
Bermuda Breads are often served up at afternoon tea in various hotels around the island.
Bermuda Drinks
Bermuda drinks can be enjoyed anywhere around the world
Delicious Authentic Bermuda Recipes
Try The Best Of Bermuda Recipes
Bermuda Rice Dishes
Bermuda rice dishes can be found on most local menus
Bermuda Seafood
Bermuda Seafood Recipes are fresh straight straight from the ocean
Annual Exhibition in Bermuda
Annual Exhibition is the number one community event on the Island
Annual Art Walk in St. Georges
The art walk is an annual event held in the old town of St. Georges
Bermuda Day
Bermuda Day is set aside to bring the community together in celebration of our diverse heritage
Cup Match
Cup Match is the biggest holiday next to Christmas in the islands
Good Friday
Good Friday is part of the Easter holiday in Bermuda
National Heros Day
National Heros Day was implemented in place of the observance of the Queen's birthday
Remembrance Day
Remembrance Day is a public holiday celebrated in Bermuda on 11 November each year
Restaurant Week in Bermuda
Restaurant Week showcases top restaurants in Bermuda featuring discounted menus
Luxury Hotels
Luxury Hotels in Bermuda are top of the line in pampering and services
Guest Houses
Guest Houses are a great way to stay in Bermuda
Attractions, What To Do In Bermuda
What Are The Must See Attractions In Bermuda
The Best Bermuda Beaches And Seaside Amenities
Where Are The Best Bermuda Beaches And What Do They Offer?
Bermuda Forts
Bermuda Forts are made of limestone which makes it a durable fortress
Museums in Bermuda Reflect Our History
Museums in Bermuda Tell Bermuda History
Activities For Everyone
Activities For The Young And The Young At Heart
Come Explore Bermuda's Hidden Treasures
Explore Bermuda's Natural Treasures
Gambling in Bermuda
Gambling in Bermuda is not taboo it's just allowed in small doses.
Bermuda Golf Is Golf Heaven
Bermuda Golf Ideal For All Level Golfers
Bermuda Wedding
A Bermuda Wedding Is Idyllic For Your Special Day
Nightlife in Bermuda
Nightlife in Bermuda is not like any place in the world
Best Places For Shopping in Bermuda
Shopping In Bermuda
Cruising to Bermuda
Cruising to Bermuda is the least expensive way to visit the island.
LF Wade International Airport
LF Wade International Airport is located in St. George's parish
Yachting To Bermuda
Yachting to Bermuda is an elite experience
Important Bermuda Travel Tips
Must Have Bermuda Travel Tips
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