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Hello From Sunny Bermuda! 

My name is Nea, a mom of three and I love to cook and entertain with family and friends.   I was born and raised in the islands of Bermuda and spent a few years living in the US.  From young, I have always wanted to be head chef of my own restaurant.  I completed one year of culinary school in Bermuda, but due to life changes I never completed the program.  However this did not kill the passion I have for cooking.  Although my current career is far removed from owning my own restaurant I still love to share my passion with others.

I love cooking for family and friends, it gives me a chance to try new recipe ideas that blend different flavors into  a meal to remember!  Bermuda2u is committed to sharing my favorite Bermudian recipes with you along with providing insight into the Bermudian lifestyle.  So join me as I take you on a culinary adventure through the isles of Bermuda.

Feel free to reach out if you would like to share your experiences making any of the dishes or if you have questions about Bermuda.  Please complete the form below or e-mail us at info@bermuda2u.com.

Have a Bermudaful Day!

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