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Greetings From Sunny Bermuda! Come and learn about us...

Bermuda2u is a website that is committed to providing in depth information about the isles of Bermuda. We are local Bermuda experts having extensive knowledge about the culture, lifestyle, historical landmarks, cuisine and people of Bermuda. Many people have not heard much about Bermuda, outside of the infamous Bermuda Triangle which is not the best promotional tool, and we believe that if more information was made available about the island we can reach our goal of awareness and attracting more visitors to our shores. Learning as much as possible about the local culture will help visitors to appreciate the beauty and diversity found throughout the island.

Should you be planning a trip to the island our site can help you in deciding where to stay, which restaurants serve the best in local cuisine, what to do while here, and how to navigate the island. It is our desire to provide an extensive selection of choices that are affordable for all levels of budgets, length of stays, and types of vacations you are about to embark on. The island is perfectly safe for kids, great for business trips, relaxation or adventure seekers.

We can also assist you with developing an itinerary for you to ensure that you are able to get a great vacation experience that you will remember for a lifetime. Visiting Bermuda does not have to expensive. We encourage use of the public transportation systems and renting of mopeds. Taxi services are readily available, however, this can add up quite quickly. We encourage eating at local restaurants, bars, clubs etc. that are owned and operated by locals and frequently visited by locals.

Please contact us if you have any questions. We can be reached by completing the form below or e-mailing us at info@bermuda2u.com.

Have a Bermudaful Day!

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