Annual Events Create Memorable Experiences

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Bermuda plays host to a wide range of annual events each year. These can be great fun for the whole family. It is here that you can learn something new, mingle with Bermudians, socialize with guest workers living on the island, and generally savour the unique experience of our culture first hand. No matter what time of year you arrive on the island there is something going on.

Christmas season is different on an island. This is mainly due to the fact that there is no snow, so the "white Christmas'" generally experienced in other parts of the world doesn't occur here. However in Bermuda some our annual events include a Walkabout of the old town of St. George's hosted by The Bermuda National Trust, enjoy a very humorous Christmas pantomime, or watch the Christmas parade or Boat Parade of decorated local boats.

Contrary to popular belief, during winter and spring there are lots going on. Of course more happens in the spring time but nonetheless lots of interesting events to attend. In the winter you can enjoy a performance put on by The Bermuda Festival of the Performing Arts. In 2009 the Moscow circus came to the island and performed for several nights. The Bermuda National Gallery is a great place to view local art by students. I like to visit their showcases during my lunch break from work. For those of you who enjoy exploring history there are lecture series put on at various places around the island. In 2010 we celebrated our 72nd Agricultural Exhibition. Here you can view entries including livestock, baked goods, agriculture and arts and crafts made by local students and artists alike. These exhibits are usually in competition where judges select first, second and third place winners. Kite flying is done around this time also on Good Friday. This season ends with our Heritage parade. This is a colourful, rhythm filled, united experience of all cultures represented on the island as well as themed floats and other entries. The Rubber Duck derby generally takes place around this time where you can make a donation which in turn you will receive a rubber duck that you can race at the derby held at a later date. All proceeds go towards charity.

Summer time is all about the beach, swimming, picnicking and cruising the islands. But that doesn't take away from our annual events. Since there is a large representation of Americans living on the island many hotels and the American Association puts on a barbeque and fireworks display. Locals will divide as we enjoy our two day cricket event known as Cup Match where the East plays the West. Here you can enjoy gambling at the Crown and Anchor tables, good food or partying with locals. For the race enthusiast there is the annual Round the Island Powerboat Race which starts and finishes at Ferry Reach Inlet in St Georges. Various classes of powerboats race around the islands of Bermuda for cash prizes and bragging rights

No matter what your into there is a lot to take in and do.

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