Behold the Creativity at The Annual Exhibition!

The Annual Exhibition is a treat for the entire family. This event is held during the month of April. It is here that students, professionals and amatures can display their creativity, equestrian expertise, landscape designs and culinary talents for all to see.

A three day community event

This annual experience is held at The Botanical Gardens for three days, from a Thursday to a Saturday. Each year a theme is contemplated and a calatalog is produced outlining each category an exhibitor can enter. These entries include, livestock, vegetables, fruit, floriculture, food products that are home made, woodwork, educational displays and an art competitions.

Division 1:Livestock

The judging of horses and ponies are done in accordance with the Bermuda Equestrian Federation. Each participant in this category must demonstrate knowledge and the rules of the subject. However, in order to compete for the championships or be eligible to jump horses and ponies as well as their riders must be members of the Bermuda Equestrian Federation.

These entries include show jumping, equitation, junior showmanship, pleasure driving, riding horses, riding ponies, open carriage horse, driving ponies, The awards are Leading Junior Horseman, Leading Adult Horsman, and Champion Resettes.

Other entries at the Annual Exhibition under category one include goats, sheep, rabbits, cavies, fowl, bantam breeds, turkeys, ducks, and geese.

Division 2:Vegetables

These exhibits include potted vegetables and awards are given to such categories as best overall collection of vegetables, best tomatoes exhibited by an amateur, best school garden collection, best farmers collection of vegetables, and best onion and potato in show.

Other entries under this category include herbs that are home grown such as thyme, rosemary, parsley, mint, oregano, chives, cherfil and marjoram. They can be entered under container-grown herbs, organic vegetables or tin herb pots.

Division 3:Fruits

Here exhibitors can win in categories such as best citrus, the adult exhibitor with the most points in fruits, or the primary school wih the most points in fruits. The fruit exhibits include, apples, avocados, bananas, cherries, grapefruits, loquats, mulberries, oranges, pawpaws, strawberries, tangerines, limes and lemons to name a few. All the entries are to be grown locally.

Division 4:Floriculture

Under this category is open to both adults and junior exhibitors.  Such entries include cut flowers, bulbous plants, foliage, berries, orchids,  potted plants, model gardens, hanging baskets, endemic plants, miniature garden/recyclable milk carton, flower arrangements and roses.  The judges base their decisions on uniformity, quality, foliage surrounding the flowers, and the absence of damaged, too old, fading, wilting or starting to curl edges. 

Division 5:Food Products, Home-made

This category of the annual exhibition is where you will notice an overwhelming response of entries.  Located in the Visitors Center you can find grown preserved fruits and vegetables, Bermuda honey and food products using Bermuda honey, homemade candy, bread, cookies, cakes, pies, special occassion cakes, heathly lunch box, and decorated Easter eggs. 

Division 6: Woodwork

These entries can be viewd in the Horticultural Hall.  Competition in this division is open to professionals, amateurs adn junior craftsmen.  Such entries include furniture, small furnishings, carvings, wood turning, models and blue bird boxes. 

Division 7: Educational Displays

These entries can be viewed in the Educational Building and include educational posters about colony collapse of bees, bees and pollination, the life cycle of bees, the importance of bees, life without bees.  Other displays include terrariums, vivariums, vivarium terrapins, insectariums, and jar terrariums. 

Division 8: Junior Art Competition

The annual exhibition would not be complete without the junior art competition.  It is in this competition that all local schools from preschool through to senior schools display their artistic skills.  All art is judged based on clarity and colour contrasts in each picture.