Admire Local Talent at the Annual Art Walk

The Art Walk in St. Georges is an event that would appeal to everyone.  Despite being a low budget event, it still manages to draw hundreds of people to the Old Town.  The event is free and offers opportunities to chat with local artists, explore the town of St. Georges and learn more about what the art scene has to offer on the island.

Art in all forms is on display

There are so many local artists that don't have an opportunity to display their works in one of the few art galleries in Bermuda.  So the idea behind this amazing event is to promote Bermuda art in all its forms.  This provides an avenue for local artists to showcase their talent.  You can view a variety of styles including oil paintings, instrumentals, pottery, cedar carvings, sculpturing, weaving, tattooists, and spoken word.

The art is showcased throughout the town

You can view the art on display along the streets, in art galleries and studios within the Old Town and in participating stores.  THE CAVE and Last Night Boutique hosted the unique work of Ami Zanders, as shown above.  Other stores, bakeries and restaurants hosted works by Christopher Grimes, Alexandra Mosher, Lisa Greene, Michael DeSilva and English.

Snapshot of English's work showcased at THE CAVE

Maps take you on a self guided walk of art

There are usually maps available at participating stores of where you can view the art on display.  However, be sure to ask for one so you do not miss any displays.  Although it is a self guided walk, the suggested starting point is Heritage Museum and along Water Street.  From there you can venture onto York Street, Ordinance Island, King's Square and into the art studios of Emma Ingham and Charles Zuill.

When is this annual event held?

The annual Art Walk takes place in the fall, usually during the month of October and begins at 6pm until.  It is definitely something that is worth viewing.  Some stores, bakeries and street vendors provide food and alcohol to visitors as they walk around.  Bermuda truly has some talented artists!