Bermuda Beaches, Best in the Caribbean!

Bermuda beaches are some of the most beautiful in the caribbean. Bermuda boast over seventy beaches ranging from small to large secluded to popular with seaside amenities.Each coastline in bermuda has its own unique characteristics with the southshore having the famous pink sand which are the crushed remains of microscopic animal shells called foraminifera and coral. These beaches also feature some of the best snorkeling as they are loaded with coral reef within 100 yards of the shoreline. The northshore boast the most family orientated beaches as the water tends to be more shallow and calm as their are no rip currents, these beaches are beautiful with white sand. A few include seaside amenities boasting changing facilities, showers, beach chair and snorkel gear rentals as well as concessions stands selling food and beverages. Most are stationed by certified lifeguards but only during the summer months. While seemingly tranquil and beautiful there are some dangers one must know before entering these turquiose waters.

Horseshoe Bay

Elbow Beach

Shelly Bay

Tobacco Bay Beach

Warwick Long Bay

Clearwater Beach

Snorkel Park

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