Fancy Afternoon Tea?
Include Bermuda Breads

Bermuda breads are often served up at afternoon tea. They are tasty treats that come in various flavours, textures and sweetness. Most luxury hotels.html around the island serve platters of various breads, cakes and cookies during tea time. Often times these same delights are served up at weddings, parties, holiday functions and during intermission at plays and recitals.

Bermuda breads are best stored in an air tight container or wrapped up in cling wrap.

Where can I purchase fresh baked bread?

In some instances these items are available at bake sales held around the island for fundraising initiatives. These delights can also be served as desserts at a dinner party.


"Ansari" Brunswick Street Bakery
19 Brunswick St. Hamilton, HM 12
Tel: 441-296-1442

Bermuda Breads Ltd.
54 Ord Road Warwick WK10
Tel: 441-236-8650

Cake Shop
17 Curving Avenue, Pembroke HM 12
Tel: 441-292-5141

Crow Lane Bakery
22 Church Street, Hamilton HM 12
Tel: 441-296-8498

Marketplace Supermarkets, The
Hamilton Store - 441-295-6006 Ext.2356
Heron Bay Store - 441-238-1993 Ext. 2516
Shelly Bay Store - 441-293-0966 Ext 2526

North Shore Bakery
6 North Shore Road, Flatts
Tel: 441-292-3988

Shabazz Bakery Village Outlet
15 Cricket Club Lane, Somerset MA03
Tel: 441-234-1601

Zaki Bakery
40 Court Street, Hamilton HM12
Tel: 441-292-8250

Our favourite breads are easy to make...

Below are my favourite Bermuda breads recipes that are simple and easy to make.

Banana Bread

Ginger Bread

Hot Cross Buns

Johnny Bread

Portuguese Donuts (Massaladas)

Portuguese Sweet Bread (Masa)

Pumpkin Bread

Raisin Bread

Shortbread Kisses

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