Cultures Blend On Bermuda Day

Every year 24 of May is observed as Bermuda Day.  It is a public holiday and if you are in the island on this day you have several options on how you could spend your day.  Most Bermudians take to the streets of the City of Hamilton in the mornings to watch the Half Marathon race runners and the parade.  While others enjoy boating, swimming or barbecuing outdoors.

Also known as Heritage Day

Bermuda Day is a Bermuda holiday that holds true to its original purpose to bring Bermudians of different races together.  Today, the day brings together the different nationalities represented on the island.  These include Portuguese, Filipino, Jamaican, Swiss, African, Canadians, Indians, and citizens of the various Caribbean Islands.  

Portuguese Performers

African Drummers

UDP African Dancers

How is this day observed?

The day is observed by having various activities in which all can participate. There is a Half-Marathon Derby in the morning.  This race is from Somerset to the City of Hamilton.  A 13.2 mile race which encompasses all the little hills and valleys of the road combined with panoramic views of Hamilton Harbour, heat and humidity make this quite a challenging race.  There is also the Sinclair Packwood Memorial Cycle Race and Inline Skating race held simultaneously.

The day ends with the Heritage Parade.  This parade is a fabulous merge of floats made of Bermuda flowers and fauna, majorettes, gombeys, dance groups, carnival, marching bands, drum lines, and costumes.   The route historically began from Par-la-Ville Road, along Front Street, through the City of Hamilton and ends at Bernard's Park.  From there you can watch the final performance of every entry in the parade as well as refresh yourself at the various fast food concessions available in the softball diamond.  However, in recent years the route has been changed to begin at Bernard's Park and end up at City Hall with endeavor to keep the parade focused in the City.

Floats and Performers

Bermuda Scene Float

Bermuda Sloop Foundation Float of the Spirit

Crime Stoppers Float 

Delta Sigma Theta Float

Sandy's Seconday School Float displaying Bermuda culture

Float displaying island pride

Float showing modern building

Carnival Revelers


Gombey Dancer