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Bermuda onions were first introduced to these islands in 1616 by British settlers who quickly discovered that the native soil and favorable climate produced an extremely mild but sweet short day onion.

Picture of a local farm growing onions

bermuda onions

Onions were a chief export of the island

By the 1800's these delectable vegetables became a chief export of these islands so much so that Bermudians became affectionately known internationally as "Onions".

By 1898 the popularity of this vegetable was so wide spread that seeds were taken to Texas to be grown for mass production. Due to this U.S. state's large size and comparable climate it eventually wiped out the islands lucrative market to become that states biggest cash vegetable crop today.

What is so special about these onions?

Bermuda onions should be included at every meal! They are sweet, large and juicy. Whether you’re adding them to your favourite soup, sauce, stock or stew they are a great addition that should be tried.

They have unique characteristics

One distinct characteristic is that they look different from other onions that are typically imported to the island. Imported ones tend to have a brown skin that must be removed before preparing and cooking.

However, the Bermuda variety is white or yellow and its outer skin doesn't need to be discarded as it goes great in a vegetable stock. There is nothing like the smell of this vegetable sautéing in a frying pan with olive oil!

How can these onions be cooked?

There are several methods to cook these delectable veggies which include baked, buttered, stuffed, au gratin or in a casserole. This does not omit the more common method of adding sauted onions to any recipe.bermuda onionsTo serve them baked boil them until tender. Place them in buttered baking dish. Pour white sauce over, cheese and sprinkle with bread crumbs and bake in oven for 20 minutes.

The buttered method

Buttered method is similar to the baked but your adding your seasons and loads of butter. This dish is best served hot.

The stuffed method

If you would like to try stuffing the onions you should par boil them first. Remove the center cavity. This recipe traditionally uses nuts, celery and cheese but you can add whatever your heart’s desire to this stuffing. Bake in oven for about 15 minutes.

Other ways to enjoy this vegetable

A more common way to enjoy this vegetable is to add them to your favorite casserole.

A fast food restaurant would serve what is known as onion rings, which is simply, cut onions into rings and dipped in batter then deep fried. This is simply delicious and must be sampled to appreciate.

Where can Bermuda Onions be purchased?

You can purchase these vegetables at various farmer markets held throughout the island or on the side of the road from a reputable farmer. Most local grocery stores will sell these in their produce isles.

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