The Best Bermuda Recipes

To truly experience Bermuda you must have local food on the menu. Our traditional Bermuda Recipes are influenced by many different countries. Some of the ingredients needed to prepare the dishes were brought to the island by various settlers. Although some of the original recipes have been modified over the years and to different palates they still are the hearty meals that locals have grown up with and love.

Seafood reigns supreme

Being an island country seafood reigns supreme with so many Bermuda recipes including mussel pie, conch stew, shark hash/fritters, Turbot stew, fish chowder, and grilled lobster.

Traditional Sunday breakfast

Our traditional Sunday Breakfast is Codfish and Potatoes a hearty dish consisting of salted Atlantic Cod, Potatoes, Hard Boiled Eggs, Bananas, Tomato Sauce, Onion sauce, Johnny Bread and sliced Avocado. With all of these ingredients on your plate there is no doubt you be full for quite a while.

Easter foods keep you full

During Easter season that same Cod Fish is prepared as a fish cake in which the cod fish is boiled along with the potatoes, then they are mashed together, coated with seasoned flour and pan fried until golden brown. This is usually served with a hot cross bun. This is basically a raisin bun with a cross on top made out of icing. For Easter dinner many locals prepare a roasted leg of lamb with rice and mint jelly. This is one of my favourite meals.

Winter is soul food heaven

During the winter months many homes prepare hearty soups and casseroles. These dishes include onion soup, onion casserole, sweet potato pudding, paw paw casserole, turkey and chicken soups,split pea and ham soup just to name a few.

Christmas is feasting time

Christmas time local food has four major additions. These are turkeys, ham, farine pie and cassava pie. Depending on your upbringing you would be used to one of the pies but both meats will be served.

Very rarely will you find two pies made by the same hostess and served at the same Christmas Dinner because they both require a lot of work to prepare.

The British have brought over their love of Bread Pudding, which quickly became another traditional dish. Also during this time Bermudians consume a lot of Bermuda Rum Cakes, Rum Swizzles, Loquat Liquers, Egg Nog with Black Rum.

Try a recipe in your home

If this has wet your appetite and wish to learn more, there are Bermuda recipes where you can make these dishes mentioned and others for your self and enjoy a taste of Bermuda right in your own home. See popular recipes below:

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