Add Bermuda Rice Dishes To Your Entrees

There are many traditional Bermuda rice dishes that are simple to make and quite tasty. The dishes can be as plain as saffron rice or as flavorful as a Bermudian version of paella.

Either way the rice dishes are great for dinners, and can become a hit with your family. The most popular dishes include peas n rice, Spanish rice, cabbage and rice and red kidney bean n rice.

Other Popular Dishes

Other popular Bermuda rice dishes that have been introduced to our island from the many other nationalities represented on the island include curry chicken and rice, Chinese fried rice, Japanese sushi, Mexican rice and Jambalaya. Basmati rice is another island favorite closely followed by Jasmine rice.

If you are ever invited to picnics or family dinners on the island you will no doubt come across one of the rice dishes mentioned above as one of offered sides. Each family will have a variation of the more traditional recipes but all taste equally as great.

Tricks To Preparing Rice Dishes

The trick to preparing Bermuda rice dishes is not to stir your rice while it is cooking. Turn your heat down to a simmer once the rice has come to a boil. For more flavorful rice it’s wise to add stock to the rice instead of water.

Other flavor boosters include Oxo cubes, bouillon cubes or simple combinations of spicy seasonings. For those who are sensitive to salt read all labels of your flavor enhancers before adding to the rice mixtures as most pre-packaged items can have very high sodium content.

Another important tip to adhere to is making sure you measure your water to the cups of rice you are going to cook. Exact measurements make cooking rice simple and easy. When the measurements are off you can end up with either hard rice or mushy rice.

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Don't Feel Like Cooking?

For the best rice dishes that Bermuda has to offer there are several restaurants that can give you a taste of each! If you choose to have dinner at any of these in some instances it is wise to reserve a table. Others are simply casual enough for you to walk in. All offer take out so you can always call ahead and place your order for pick up at a later time.