Have Bermuda Seafood Tonight

When living in Bermuda seafood reigns supreme. These ocean delights can be found in all restaurants on the island as well as on the dinner table in local homes.

First settlers ate local fish

When the first settlers shipwrecked on these islands they had no problems finding food as fish was in such an abundance that if they stood in the water fish would swarm their legs! It was said that in only a half hour they would have caught enough fish to feed the settlers for an entire day!

Different types of fish found in local waters

The local fish are fat, sweet, big and in abundance. Rockfish (Grouper) as shown below, is the most popular fish to be consumed by locals. However there are many other favorites which include snappers, hogfish, sharks, bonitos, coney, barber, hinds, grouper, turbots, bream, chub, yellow fin and black fin tuna, mackerel, eel, lion fish, mahi-mahi, barracuda, and wahoo.

Other delights found in local waters...

Other delights from Bermuda waters include mussels, scallops, spiny lobsters as shown below, and octopus (scuttle).

How do you catch fish in Bermuda?

Fishermen used to catch fish by using fish pots and spare guns however these methods have been made illegal. Today fishing methods used by fishermen include trawling, and bottom fishing. Fishing Charters are readily available on the island for those who wish to experience deep sea fishing.

Recently the Bermuda government have been looking into the advantages of long line fishing. Fish nets can be used but this method is less popular as you are only allowed to use them in enclosed bays.

Where can you purchase fresh caught fish?

Historically fishermen used to alert potential customers by blowing a conch shell signalling their arrival into various neighborhoods  When a customer chose a fish it was wrapped in Palmetto leaves upon purchase. Today fresh fish can be brought directly from the fishermen at garden markets, alongside the street, at the docks or in grocery stores.

How can you prepare fish?

Depending on the type of fish you are preparing it can be deep fried, pan fried, grilled, boiled, broiled, poached, steamed, stewed or eaten raw as sushi.

Below are some of our favorite Bermuda seafood recipes: 

Where can you get a good fish dinner?

Seafood Restaurants are highly sought after on the island. If they do not specialize in Bermuda seafood cuisine they will tend to have their daily specials cantered around the local catch of the day, which can include local tuna, rockfish, wahoo, or mahi mahi.

Whatever the catch is, the head chef has a tantalizing way to prepare your selected catch any way you like it. Such restaurants are the ideal places to seek out if you are interested in experiencing Bermuda’s seafood in a romantic intimate setting.

There are several top dining spots that offer the best in local seafood, traditionally how the locals would eat with a few introduced spices to create an infused blended flavour from all over the world. Such establishments include the following: 

  • Harbourfront Restaurant 
  • Lobster Pot 
  • Tavern By The Sea 
  • Woody's