Bermuda Travel Tips

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The following Bermuda travel tips listed below will help to ensure that your visit to these beautiful islands are relaxing and stress free leaving you to enjoy everything your Bermuda vacation has to offer.

Immigration policy

All visitors entering Bermuda must have a valid passport as well as proper travel documentation from an airline/cruise company depending on your port of entry.

All Visitors must fill out Immigration and Customs Declaration Forms.


The Bermuda Dollar is on par with the U.S. Dollar and can be used interchangeably.

Local banks such as HSBC Bermuda, Bank of Butterfield and Capital G provide exchange rates daily for all major currencies. Their operating hours are 9:00am to 4:30pm daily.

Hospital, 24 Hour Clinic

King Edward V Memorial hospital is centrally located in Paget parish. Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Clinic is open daily from 12:00pm until 12:00am and is located South Side.


The official language is English, however you will hear widely spoken Portuguese.

Electrical Standard

Local voltage is 110 to 120 volts AC. UK and European plug adaptors can be used.

Shopping Hours

Monday to Saturday: 9:00am to 5:00pm, however some stores have extended hours. On Sundays the stores are generally closed but many shops are begining to open from 1:00pm to 5:00pm. Wednesday's are late night shopping on Front Street where the stores stay open until 10:00pm, between May and October. Royal Naval Dockyard is open all day on Sundays.


Internet call sign: .BM
Country area code: 441
Direct dial to anywhere in the world
AM radio broadcast stations: 4
FM radio broadcast stations: 7
Three local TV channels 7(ABC), 9(CBS)and 11(NBC)affiliates
Two cable television companies offering over 160 channels in digital high definition

Postal Service

The postal service is fully funded and operated by the government with regional post offices located in every parish on the island.

Safety & Precautions

Being an island paradise one would expect none to very little danger but like any other country in the world we are by no means immune to dangerous or ciminal activity. One should exercise extreme caution and common sense when traveling around these beautiful islands such as:

  • We drive on the left side
  • Never leave items unattended
  • Always carry photo I.D.
  • Never carry around large sums of money
  • Avoid extreme sun exposure and use proper sunscreen(Bermuda averages over 11hrs of sunlight a day)

Navigational Contact Information

Rescue Co-ordination Centre/Bermuda Maritime Operations
19 Fort George Hill
St. George's GE02

Tel: (441) 297-1010
Fax: (441) 297-1530

Emergency Tel: Dial 911 and request Marine Rescue

E-mail: (Duty officer 24 hours)

Telex: INMARSAT C (581) 431010110

Telex: INMARSAT C(584) 431010120

MMSI: 003100001 (MF and VHF DSC)

SSB R/T: 2,182 kHz or 4, 125 kHz USB

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