A Bermuda Wedding Is
Romance on the Rock


From a sunset sail to a champagne brunch a Bermuda wedding can offer this and so much more. If your desire is to have a destination wedding Bermuda is the perfect place to make your wedding dreams come true.

Why marry in Bermuda?

Bermuda is easily accessible from most major cities along the east coast of the US and London therefore it tends to be the number one choice for couples to wed. There are many choices of excellent water view venues to host your reception and unique places to get married.

You must be flexible when planning a Bermuda wedding

One thing that must be considered when planning a Bermuda wedding is you must be flexible. If your wedding is to be outside it could rain so its important that you choose a site that is able to accommodate for inclement weather. Also there must be wiggle room in your budget.

Difficulty keeping guest numbers low?

Although most locals who get married on the island choose to rent venues and caterers which tends to be on the cheaper side the draw back is since your local you will draw a larger crowd then expected.

Whereas if your a guest to the island and planning your wedding hire a wedding planner who will ensure that you keep your guest numbers within the range you have selected. They can also assit you by recommending sites that can offer everything you desire which is usually at a hotel whose prices are generally higher.

Romantic wedding venues

weddingcake2011For locals who want to get married on the island its a huge event designed to create a memorable experience for your family and friends. I remember attending a friends wedding at Fort Scaur. Despite the fact that her actual invitation stated that the wedding was to begin at 7pm she didn't arrive until 8pm which was undeniably the most romantic sunset wedding I've ever witnessed.

Other romantic destinations would be on local beaches, parks, poolside, and garden settings.

Others tend to get married in a local church and have their reception at various venues and restaurants. Others choose historic sites which make amazing backdrops for their pictures. The ceremony is about 30mins to an hour long.

Hire wedding cars for transportation of bridal party

Cars can be rented to transport the bridal party to their reception sites and picture taking points. These cars are decorated with ribbons of the wedding colours. Once the couple have been married these same cars travel while honking their horns in celebration of the newlyweds.

Traditional Bermuda weddings

Many years back local weddings were celebrated on a Thursday. This quickly became the traditional day to get hitched because Bermudians only worked until noon on Thursday's, which left the remainder of the day for picnicing with friends and family.

Since there was already a get together why not include a wedding? For decorations, the tables were set with multicoloured minerals, like soda, in alternating place settings depending on the colour theme of the wedding party. Reception foods were tea sandwiches, fruit and pound cake which were made by family members.

There were usually two cakes, one for the groom and one for the bride. The bride's cake was usually a three tiered fruit cake decorated with silver leaf, ivy and pink rose buds. The cake topper was a cedar tree that was later planted by the happy couple. The groom's cake was a single layer cake covered in gold leaf. Transportation for a Bermuda Wedding was traditionally done by horse and carriage.

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