Welcome To Bermuda!

A famous American comedian once visited the beautiful Islands of Bermuda and asked if food coloring was added to our ocean to make it so turquoise.

This is an Atlantic paradise

What a sight to behold after travelling for hours, to see the once dark deep blue Atlantic Ocean suddenly change hues. Beautiful coral reef formations seem to appear closer to your window as the plane descends over the crystal clear waters.   Longtails can be seen flying in the distance.

You notice deep sea Fishing Charters, boat tour charters and cruise liners navigating their way. Anticipation heightens, as you curiously try to spot any sight of land. Then suddenly you see the 21 sq mile area of islands sparkling in the golden sun like the crown jewel she is. 

Bermuda is paradise and every paradise has its own flavour.  Flavour so multicultural and rhythmic, there is no doubt that these same vibes flow over into the kitchen.  Bermudian cuisine  is tasty, colourful, healthy, hearty and delicious

I want to introduce you to a culinary vacation in these subtropical isles.  If you are unable to schedule a relaxing getaway to experience our savory dishes first hand, local recipes are provided to help you gain that same island flavor in your own homes.  

But if you are able to escape your daily realities, Bermuda is the perfect destination.  You can stay within budget or splurge on the sophisticated things in life.  We will show you what is available on the island including hotels, transportation around the island, where to visit and what to do while highlighting restaurants that serve the best in local cuisine and the ones spicing things up.

An island steeped in culture

The island is very cultural.  Evidence of this can be seen during the annual Heritage Day parade.  Here you can see traditional floats made of local flowers and vegetation.  The picture below is displaying a traditional Bermuda cottage.

There are other cultural events that happen annually of where you can witness first hand local culture including Cup Match, Agriculture Exhibition, Good Friday, and National Trust Walkabout in the Ole Town of St. Georges and the annual Art Walk.

A place like no other

This is the only place in the world where you can experience English traditions with a strong American influence in a laid back atmosphere.  Despite being isolated we are the number one tourist destination for visitors from East Coast USA and Canada.  It is the only island this far North with subtropical climates thanks to the coral reef system fueled by the Gulf Stream.  This makes it a great place for jet skiing,  water skiing, snorkeling, scuba diving and golfing.  

We will guide you on how to make the most of your stay in our subtropical isles, so that your stay here will be a memorable experience.