Crispy Bermuda Wahoo Nuggets

The latest addition to my weeknight dinners is Bermuda Wahoo nuggets.  These are so simple to make and my kids love them. Wahoo meat is white when cooked and is ideal to use for creating home made nuggets because the meat is dense once cooked causing it to retain its shape well during deep frying.  However, the denseness of the flesh can be easily dried out when cooking.   To avoid this adjust cooking temperatures and always marinade before cooking.

Bermuda Wahoo is often caught in Bermudian waters by local fishermen.  It is a highly sought after fish for both professional culinary chefs and novice cooks.  These delicious seafood fish can grow quite big to about 200lb!  That's a lot of meat to eat! another option to obtain Bermuda wahoo is to book a deep fishing charter where you can catch your very own fish.  While onboard the captain will show you how to clean the fish.  You can keep what you catch!   But if that's not your style then you can purchase directly from the fisherman or butcher at the grocery store. 

Bermuda Wahoo Nugget Ingredients:

1lb of  Bermuda wahoo

2 large lemons 

2 cups of all purpose flour

1 tsp. of  salt and black pepper mixed

1tbsp. of salt, thyme, paprika, curry, fresh cracked pepper, chilly flakes

2 eggs (beaten)

3 cups of oil (for deep frying)

Preparing Bermuda Wahoo Nuggets

1. Cut up the wahoo into chunky cubes and place in a glass prep bowl.

2. Marinade the wahoo cubes in fresh squeezed lemon juice, and lightly season with salt.  Leave for at least 30 minutes.

3. In a plastic bag combine the flour and other seasonings - shake to mix

4. Beat two eggs in a separate bowl

5. Add oil to pot and begin to heat

6.  Dip a few pieces of fish cubes into the egg mix, then remove and add the pieces to the flour bag.  Shake to lightly coat each chunky cube.

7.  Next, drop the coated nuggets into the hot oil.  (be sure no to allow your oil to burn - you will know this once you see smoke coming from your pot.  Should this happen remove your pot immediately and allow the oil to cool off before using)

8.  Once wahoo nuggets are seen floating in the oil and lightly brown remove and allow to cool before eating.

9.  Serve Bermuda wahoo nuggets along side tartar sauce, sweet n sour sauce or ketchup.

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