Boat Rentals
Capture Natural Beauty

Boat rentals are the optimum way to explore the beautiful islands of Bermuda.

Many options of watercraft to rent

Being an island it's only natural that there are many options of watercraft to rent. Choices range from sunfish sailboats to jetskis. If you feel adventurous one can hire a 10-17' Boston Whaler for a few hours or the day to explore the island within the rental company's boundary areas (these areas are to protect the renter from getting lost). Great for small groups of 2-6 people these vessels are outfitted with 25-35 horsepower outboard engines, navagational maps outlining where to avoid due to reefs, sand banks and places of interest like beaches and shipwrecks.

You can rent a Boston Whaler

Renting a Boston Whaler is easy to do. You can call any watersport company that offers such rentals. It is fairly inexpensive and for a full day it could cost any where in the region of $200-$300. Just like renting a car you start off with a full tank of gas but must fill it back up upon return of the boat.

Some boating knowledge is necessary

It is wise to have some sort of knowledge of boating however a quick refresher is given outlining how to use the boat, cut it out, pull the engine up in shallow water, what to do if in trouble and the use of flairs and life vests. Each boat comes with life vests, emergency flairs but no radio.

Fishing is a popular activity of renters

Should you wish to go fishing on your rental the rental shop would have whatever you need including bait and tackle, snorkeling gear, sun block and snacks.

Or you can hire a Catamaran

Another popular excursion is to hire a catamaran or single hull vessel to take you snorkeling at one of the hundreds of shipwrecks along our barrier reefs. Maybe you wish to have a private party with a group of friends or simply enjoy a relaxing cruise onboard a motor yacht. All these excursions and more are offered on the island.

Tour boat excursions are family friendly

Most of the local tour boat excursions are child friendly such as the glass bottom boat which enables passengers to see the various reefs and the animals living around them. Other options are romantic tours for you and a special someone, groups or one can do what the locals do and enjoy a Friday evening happy hour cruise in order to just unwind from a long hectic work week.

Where can bookings be made?

In most cases you can book these rental experiences from either your cruise or hotel front desk. Since you are in the sun most of the time it is essential that you pack your sun block, hat, proper boat shoes and plenty of water to avoid dehydration when on the seas.

Tour Boat Operators

Aquatic Bermuda
Phone: 441-236-2200

Blue Hole Water Sports
Phone: 441-293-2315

Dreamcatcher Boat Rentals
Phone: 441-533-7326

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