Nibble On Cassava Pie During Christmas Dinner

Cassava pie is traditionally served during Christmas, Easter and Cup Match. While it is quite filling all by itself it can also have chicken added to the recipe to create a meal out of it. The word cassava is of west indian origin. It is the starch found in the roots of Manihot Utilissima plant. If you soak it and then squeeze it the juice that is produced can later be used to make a preservative known as cassareepe, flavouring and pudding known as tapioca. It was thought of as a valuable crop and cultivation of it began in full force 1619.

Recipes of this is passed down from generation to generation in Bermuda. If a Bermudian flies abroad to spend Christmas with friends and relatives in another country this pie along with farine pie is usually taken overseas with them to be enjoyed at Christmas dinner.


  • 8 cups of cassava
  • 2 cups butter
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 16 eggs
  • add Nutmeg to taste
  • add Cinnamon to taste
  • add All Spice to taste


Soak cassava. Then grate it and squeeze it until just about all the starch has been released. Mix in the remaining ingredients. Pour into baking pan and bake for about 4 hours on 250 degree oven.

If you desire to add meat to this recipe you can include boiled chicken or ham. The idea is that the meat is a layer in the center of the pie. So after pouring half the mixture into your baking pan add the layer of pieces of meat then cover with the remaining pie mixture.

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