The City of Hamilton

Situated in the middle of Bermuda in the parish of is the City of Hamilton which has been the country's capital since 1815. The need for a town in a more centralized location was petitioned by merchants in the central and western parishes as they felt was too far to travel.

The birth of the city

In 1790 the Government of Bermuda set aside 145 acres on the northern side of a protected harbor which now bears the same name. An act of parliament in 1793 officially made it a town. The town soon became the epicenter of trade and socializing due to it's location. In 1897 the town became a city and has been the pulse of the island ever since.

Today the city is the hub of international business and Bermuda's chief port. The insurance industry started back in the 1950's but dramatic growth did not start until the early 1970's of which it was decided that no overly burdensome regulation should be implemented. 

Below is a picture of the insurance giant, XL headquarters located on Bermudiana Road.

International Business fuels the economy

The City of Hamilton's main industry is international business.  When the tourism industry became less popular and no longer the primary source of income into the island, this gave rise to exempt companies looking to domicile in Bermuda.  Some companies decided to redomicile, continue or amalgamate in order to have a presence in the island.  Bermuda has a sophisticated infrastructure and a long history of accommodating international businesses.

Many international firms are represented locally

The island has a stable political and social environment reflecting it's status as a self-governed British territory.    As a result, Bermuda has emerged as an offshore jurisdiction of choice because of the absence of income, profit or capital gains taxes in the island.  

Approximately three quarters of the Fortune 100 companies maintain a presence in Bermuda.   All the major international accounting firms can be found represented on the island.

The islands telecommunication services are very well developed and high levels of professional services are available.  

Each year every company that is registered in the island is required to pay an annual fee to the government of Bermuda. This eventually paved the way for international business to become the number one industry that generates income for the island. 

Modern company, trust, banking and insurance laws have made Bermuda a leading offshore financial centre.  The open relationship between the government of Bermuda and the private sector will continue to encourage growth of offshore business.   

Places of Intrest

Places of interest in the City of Hamilton are the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity, pictured below, which happens to be the tallest structure in the city and City Hall which houses the Bermuda National Gallery which features local and international art.

Other must see attractions include, The Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute(BUEI), City Hall, Bermuda National Gallery, and various parks.

International cuisines flavor the city

Perhaps you want to find an excellent restaurant to eat at, well there is no doubt you will find that in the City of Hamilton.  These options range from fast food types like KFC to fine table dining such as Barracuda Grill.  

If you fancy pub fare at reasonable prices you should visit Flanagan's Irish Pub & Restaurant, Heritage Court, Robin Hood Pub & Restaurant, Bermuda Bistro , The Hog Penney, and Docksiders.  If you fancy something with more variety try Pickeled Onion,  Lobster Pot , L'Oriental, Coconut Rock , Victoria Grill, Cafe Cairo or Rosa's Cantina, Little Venice, Portofino or House of India and Bistro J.  

For more classy dining experiences it is recommended that you reserve a table at Port O Call, Bolero Brasserie, Harley's Restaurant, Red Carpet Bar & Restaurant, Little Venice or Bouchee, Barracuda Grill, Cafe Cairo and Muse. No matter where you decide to eat you are bound to have an experience of a lifetime.

Where should you stay in the city?

Fairmont Hamilton Princess, pictured below, is the major hotel located within the City of Hamilton.  Other places of similar interest include Rosedon Guest Suites, Oxford Guest House, and Royal Palms Hotel.

Many religions are represented in the city

There are several churches also in the town should you wish to visit one of them for worship. These houses of worship include St. Paul A.M.E., which is shown below, St.John's Anglican, The First Church of God, Wesley Methodist Church, New Testament Churches of God (Pentecostal), Cornerstone Bible Fellowship,  and St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church.

What else is there to do?

You can go shopping along the streets or in Washington Mall as shown below, see a movie at Specialty Cinema, have a drink at the many bars located throughout downtown area, tour historical sites, visit an art show at City Hall or simply sit and enjoy the serenity of Hamilton Harbor.  There are three major parks namely Victoria Park, Par-la-Ville Park and Barr's Bay Park which make it easy to escape the hustle and bustle of the City.