Travel on Foot Through Coopers Island Reserve

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Coopers Island Reserve is a great place for anyone to enjoy. It lies on Coopers Island which is one of Bermuda's largest, most isolated and ecologically diverse offshore satellite islands located in the Isles of Bermuda. When I first walked through the reserve it was an extremely breezy day. I couldn't help but try to imagine what the first shipwreck survivors on the island must have been thinking when they washed up on the shores. The eerie sounds heard throughout the forest and the sheer mystery of the unknown must have really installed fear in them before they conjured up enough bravery to discover what bounty the island holds. You will notice Nonsuch Island off to the far right which is a proteced habitat of which it is now home of the only dense Bermuda cedar forest found in Bermuda.

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The first part of the path has a very rocky edge thus giving the appearance of sea erosion that most likely occured during each hurricane that either hit or passed the island. Further evidence of this destruction can be found by seeing Australian Whistling Pines completely uprooted, exposing the internal workings of the root system beneath the tree. At first glance it would appear that your treking through a jungle but it won't take long before you immediately know that it is more a forest than a jungle.

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Coopers Island is part nature reserve, National Parkland and home of the former NASA Tracking Station lands. The NASA lands were recently closed and handed back to the government of Bermuda back in 2002. Coopers Island Reserve and its neighbouring Clearwater Beach National Park are ideal for recreation for tourists and the public alike. Today the island still offers the same diversity and ecological importance becuase the military NASA installations did not alter the natural contour of the island.

There is not doubt that this is an awesome place for all to discover. The trails all lead to a marsh land of which, recent clearing of the shrubbery hiding the marsh have been carried out, made way for a boardwalk to be constructed for all to walk over and admire.

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