Explore Bermuda's Natural Treasures

Strap on ya hiking boots and grab a map because it's time to explore Bermuda's treasures. From the famous tranquil Railway trail to the numerous wetlands and marshes that are speckled about on the island including subterranean caves with submerged pathways.

Coopers Nature TrailBlue Hole CaveCoopers Marsh

Bermuda is home to more than 150 caves ranging from small holes to spectacular deep caverns some as large as 2km of passageways.Most are inland some are totally submerged underwater like the Green Bay system with stalactites and stalagmites which can only mean the sea level was lower than it is today. The deepest dive in Bermuda's caverns is 24 meters(79ft) below sea level.Harrington Sound region is where most are located, in this region rumor has it that this is where the mouth of the volcano lies. Crystal Caves is by far Bermuda's most famous discovered by two 12 yr old boys who were searching for a lost cricket ball in 1905 stumbled upon a hole in the ground that would eventually inspire Jim Hensons Fraggle Rock. Other Notable caverns in Bermuda are the Fantasy and Lemington. Bermuda has it all for the eco tourist looking to learn about Bermuda natural wonders.

Bermuda Railway Trail

Coopers Island Reserve

Crystal Caves

Paget Marsh


Spittal Pond

Stokes Point Reserve

Walsingham Nature Reserve

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