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Fishing Charters are an exhilirating way to spend a day, or half day, out on Bemuda's waters. All charters head out early in the morning around 7am. It is recommended that you bring dry foods such as crackers, sandwiches and anything to absorb motion sickness along with you. Also, a tablet of gravol couldn't hurt either! To avoid dehydration out on the high seas it is best to bring and drink plenty of water, sunblock, a hat or shades, and beer, for those heavy hitters. Bait tackle, rods, lines- basically anything needed to fish are already supplied.

There are two ways you can deep sea fish. Trolling or bottom fishing are the options in Bermuda and each can produce a great catch. When trolling the captain and or first mate will bait and troll the line. Once there is a bite he will allow you to reel it in. Then the captain or first mate will gaph and bring the fish onboard; remove the hook and lure, then put the catch into a live well. You are likely to catch big game fish such as Wahoo, Black or Yellow Fin Tuna, Black or Blue Marlins and Mackerel on this type of expedition. Bottom fishing, where you use a hand line that is dropped over board between 100- 200 feet underwater, you are likely to catch large reef fish such as Snapper, Coney, Hinds, Ocean Robins and the occasional Tuna. On this expediton the captain will drop anchor either around the barrier reef that surrounds the islands of Bermuda known as "the Edge" or at ony one of the three banks(Challenger,Argus and Blank). Live bait is used usually flying fish or squid. Once you have caught your fish and are back to shore the captain will clean, gut and fillet the fish. There is usually a pre-negotiated agreement made that will determine how much fish you are allowed to keep. These agreements generally range from the captain keeping all the catch, a 50/50 split, or allowing the captain to take first preference and you keep the remaining.

Fishing charters are not only fun and tiring but they are very expensive. The price can range between $2000-$3000, so it is best to go with a group of about 5-10 people.

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