Thinking of Gambling in Bermuda?

For those who would like to experience gambling in bermuda it may not be as farfetched as one may think.

Dabbling in the realm of casinos

Bermuda is a conservative island and you will not find any strip clubs or casinos. Cruise ships are not even allowed to open their onboard casinos when they are in port around the island. However, the government is currently considering dabbling into the realm of casinos in order to boost tourism to the island. But this does not mean that there is no gambling present on the rock.

Gambling is already present on the rock

During the summer, County Cricket and Cup Match reign surpreme for hosting a unique dice game invented by Royal Navy sailors, known as Crown & Anchor.

More traditional forms of gambling available

For those who prefer a more traditional setting to gamble in bermuda there are several betting places in the city of Hamilton that are open daily for business. These places are fitting with multiple flat screens TV's to view the daily pro games. One can place bets via the phone, internet or walk-ins. Popular sports to bet on include college basketball and football, NFL, NBA, horse racing, NHL, European soccer, golf, boxing as well as baseball.

Other forms of gambling already present on the island include bingo and tombola, however these are usually found in more private club settings.

Need a gambling fix?

Most hotels offer internet and in some instances you have access to WIFI. You can simply log on to any online casino and play poker, bingo or have a blackjack game.

Bermuda is a once in a lifetime experience and you have the opportunity to go on an affordable vacation conveniently located close to the United States and Canada.

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