Fly Your Homemade Kite on Good Friday

Good Friday is a holiday in Bermuda and usually takes place during the month of April, the Friday preceding Easter Sunday. On this day residents will traditionally eat hot cross buns and cod fish cakes, attend church services and fly kites.

Feast on traditional foods

Hot cross buns are similar to raisin buns but with an added cross shape on its surface, usually made with a sugary glaze. This cross symbolizes the cross that Christians believe Jesus Christ died upon on the first Good Friday nearly 2000 years ago.

Cod fish cakes are made from cooked potato and cod fish which is shaped into little cakes and fried to a delicious golden brown on the outside and soft and tasty on the inside. The traditional way to eat these two delicacies is a fish cake between a hot cross bun with whatever toppings you desire.

Many churches have Good Friday services

If you attend church on this day you will find many church services to choose from. When I was younger I remember attending our church service which included scripture readings about Jesus Christ dying on the Cross of Calvary, worship songs, praising God, preaching, ‘Washing of Saints Feet’ and the taking of Holy Communion. The night before this holiday the Catholic churches around the island have midnight mass services.

Kite flying for all

Kite flying represents the ascension of Jesus Christ into heaven after he arose from the dead on the third day which is Easter Sunday.

Traditionally, tissue paper kites are homemade and intricately designed using tissue paper in all of the different colors of the rainbow in various designs and patterns. If you cannot make your own tissue paper kite you can purchase one or if you prefer you can purchase a manufactured plastic “birdie” kite at one of the local stores.

Simple box kites can also be made using paper from a brown paper bag and sticks from the local fennel plant, which grows wildly on the Island. All kites must have a long cloth ‘tail’ attached to the bottom for balance when flying and the tissue paper kites have ‘hummers’ strategically positioned on the kite’s loop so that the kite makes that characteristic humming sound when flown.

Annual festivities

An annual major kite competition is held at Horseshoe Bay where judges select winning kites in such categories as the biggest kite, smallest kite, most traditional kite, most uniquely designed kite, to name a few. This event draws hundreds of locals and tourists alike for a fun-filled day of competition, kite flying, entertainment and good fun.

St. David's Cricket Club also hosts a large turnout for their fun day. Here you can witness go kart races, hot dog eating competitions, kite flying, cod fish competitions and so much more.

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