Experience Date Night at Harbourfront Restaurant

If you like seafood you will love Harbourfront restaurant. It is located within the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (BUEI) overlooking Hamilton Harbour. It is an ideal location for wedding receptions because of its beautiful scenery and ample parking. Staff members are pleasant and very accommodating to your needs. You have the choice to dine inside or outside, within the main dining room with a harbour view, at the sushi bar, or even on the balcony. They serve lunch and dinner daily. Although there are lots of tables readily available it is still wise to book a reservation if you intend to come for dinner. The restaurant boasts elite service and a posh ambiance so be prepared to pay a bit extra for your entrees, including 17% gratuities added to your bill.

The Bermuda Fish Chowder is a highly sought after Bermudian tradition which is a popular starter. Sushi is another highly sought after favourite which are made with local tuna. When in season fresh Bermuda Lobster served any style you wish can be ordered here. The most popular way to eat the spiny crustacean is in a Thermidor sauce. Most locals tend to favour the surf and turf option of which you will receive half a lobster and a choice piece of steak. The porterhouse steak is another favourite, but keep in mind the price reflects the fact that it can feed up to two or even three adults. However, keep in mind that the portions are not large, considering the price you would have paid for your meal. But the food is great, the views are breathtaking and the ambiance will make it a night never to be forgotten.

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