Stop At The Historical Society
Museum in St. George's

Tucked away in St. George's is the Historical Society Museum located on Duke of Kent Street and Featherbed Alley.

For a small admission fee you can gain access to one of the oldest buildings on the island. St. George's was once the capital of Bermuda. So there is a lot of history present in this once vibrant town.

It Was Also Known As Mitchell House

The Historical Society Museum of St. George's, aka Mitchell House, was built in the 1730's with a traditional welcoming arm staircase leading you to the front door. There is a pretty garden located in the back of the house. In 1922 the property was taken over by the Historical Society of St. George's and thus converting it into a museum. You can visit this hostorical site Monday - Thursday and Saturday with special hours during the winter months.

How Can You Get There?

You can easily access this museum on foot, riding your scooter or taking either bus route 10, 11 or travelling via the fast ferry which leaves from the City of Hamilton.

It's about a forty-five minute ferry ride and equally as long on the bus however, you do get to see the pristine sights of Bermuda while on both.

What Is On Display At The Museum?

In this particular house you will get an undeniably feeling that you have stepped back into an eighteenth century home complete with household items and old tools which have been kept as if the residents just simply hopped up and left one day!

These old tools include whale-blubber cutters, palmetto baskets, calabash dipping gourds and even an old printing press. Life in the early 1700's seems quite simple when looking at all of these displays.

Who Used To Live Here?

Originally it was a private home to Major Walter Mitchell of whom the house was named after, Mitchell House. Later the home was owned by successful black restaurateurs, who owned and operated The Gun Tavern.

Is The Gun Powder Tavern Still Open?

Today the restaurant is closed but you can still view where it once was. It doesn't look like much on the outside, kind of like a huge hill with a gated door, but worth noting when trekking through St. George's.

This was a hotspot for sailors and soldiers who were stationed in the old town. I do recall experiencing dining in this old restaurant back in the 1980's when on a class trip. We went to have Thanksgiving dinner here.

I can remember walking along the long corridors which really gave the feel that you were back in medieval times. The walls were lined with what gave the appearance of torch light that lead you into the main dining room. There were no windows so no natural light shone through but there was ample candle light thus really creating an ambiance that was from a totally different time period!

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