Need A Curry Fix? Try House Of India

For great Indian food you must try House of India. Located in the area frequently referred to by locals as ‘back of town’, you will find this cosy Indian gem. Considering it is located back of town it is probably in a less than desirable location, however this does not stop the locals, guest workers or tourists from seeking it out. You can walk there, however the quickest way would be to walk along dodgy Court Street. But don’t let that deter you; taxis and scooters are readily available so you can get there with no worries.

If you are new to Indian cuisine there is a lunch buffet that should not be missed. There are lots of tasty delights on that line including Beef Roganjosh, Beef Madras, Kashmiri Beef, Lamb Vindaloo, Lamb Khorma, Fish Curry, Lamb Punjabi, Shrimp Madras, Vegetable Biriyani, Prawn Khorma, Shrimp Shaslic, Balti Tomato Chicken, Samosas, Malai Coconut Mutter Murg, Chicken Jalfrezi, Peshwari Naan, Chicken Onion Bhali, Curry Chicken Rice, Tandoori Chicken, Basmati rice, desserts, garlic naan and coconut naan. The menu changes daily so it is always something new for you to try. This lunch is reasonably priced and you will receive quality food served in an authentic Indian ambiance. They can customize your order by mix matching any sauce with any meat you desire.

The prices can be reasonable however the wines and beers can run up your tab quite a bit and quite fast if you’re not careful. Although most meals cost around $20-$30 keep in mind that there is always gratuities added to your bill of 15%. But despite all of that this is the place to come for authentic Indian cuisine.

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