L'Oriental...Take Your Pallate On A Trip To Asia

Out of all the restaurants preparing oriental cuisine L'Oriental provides the best oriental food and atmosphere which creates a unique yet memorable experience. You can choose from dining at the Teppanyaki table, where the chef puts on a spectacular display of high flames and a collage of ingredients together to create a mouth watering meal, or you can sit at the Sushi bar and watch your meal be created by top Sushi chefs, or simply enjoy the island air while dining on the terrace. This is no doubt a favourite restaurant among locals and tourists alike. Here the Tempura is always cooked to perfection, Teppanyaki steak, chicken or fish is served sizzling hot and complemented with delicious sauces, and of course excellent service. From the Sushi side a classic favourite is the Kuma Kuma and Yummy Rolls -which are prepared with local tuna. If you don't have the time to dine in the option of take out is also available. During the work week most 9-5ers enjoy the benefits of the express eateries that are located within the City of Hamilton. These offer everything from create your own salads, to Chinese food, to Sushi, to Wraps and Panini's. During the summer months you can opt to try their homemade ice-cream, which is a real treat.

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