Lobster Pot... Flavors Of The Sea


The Lobster Pot restaurant is solely dedicated to the seafood lover. Located on Bermudiana Road in the City of Hamilton this alfresco dining hotspot has been a traditional favourite among locals for over 30 years. The inside decor makes you feel as if you are in a boat, which truly sets the mood. The menu is quite diverse offering Bermuda lobsters when in season, fresh local fish, and even lamb and chicken for those land lovers out there.

Lobster season is during the months of September through to March. You can be sure that you will see many folk ordering up the traditional Lobster Thermidor which is basically lobster in a creamy Brandy sauce. Other island favourites include traditional fish chowder, mussels, oysters and Guinea Chick. This restaurant is an excellent place to enjoy great seafood at an affordable price. lobsterPot ViewYou can choose to dine inside or outside enjoying the Bermuda breeze on their new deck. Should you decide to taste the ocean while in Bermuda, ensure this restaurant is at the top of your list. To avoid disappointment call ahead and reserve a table, you will be glad you did!

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