Nightlife In Bermuda Is What You Make It

Nightlife in Bermuda is not like any other place in the world. Some would say that its dead, some would say that its lively, some would say that it is boring while others say that its the best option to meet different people.

In an island so small, 21 square miles long and 2 miles wide at its widest points, its easy to get into your own little circle. This circle is basically comprises of your daily routines, friends, etc. So its great to have somewhere to go to change up your scenery and people.

What does Bermuda offer?

Bermuda offers a wide range of things that one can get into. There are bars and pubs, lounges and nightclubs, neighbourhood clubs and theatres. How much fun you have all depends on you.

Comedy shows have become quite popular

It would seem the latest bout of entertaining nightlife in Bermuda are comedy shows. The island has seen the likes of comedians from the United States, Canada and United Kingdom.

These famous personalities include Steve Harvey, DeRay Davis, Mike Epps, Godfrey, Jo Koy, Jeremy Hotz, Gina Yashere, Arj Barker, Shaun Majumder, Matt Kirshen, Hal Cuttenden, Derek Edwards, Ryan Hamilton, Alan Cochrane and Alonzo Bodden.

Along with equally funny local comedians such as Nadanja, Bruce Barritt and Eddie G. We recently went to see DeRay Davis and Aries Spears and it was hilarious! You know when you’re having a good time when your cheeks begin to hurt from the excessive laughing. It was a great evening at the Amphitheatre at Fairmont Southampton. The show ended with an after party at The Celler with the guest comedians

Are there any nightclubs?

There are several night clubs in the island but most, if not all, are located in the City Of Hamilton. These clubs play a wide range of genres including, Pop music, Hip Hop, Latin music, Techno, R&B, Folk, Country, Reggae, Soca and Calypso.

Popular nightclubs to visit

Popular clubs to visit for great music and an awesome time include Cosmopolitan, Spring Garden, Captains, The Celler, Shark Club, Harry's, Little Venice Wine Bar, Margarita Grill, Taste, the Beach, Docksiders and Gombeys. If you fancy a night of dancing these are no doubt the best options available.

Music concerts are also very popular

During the summer months, and the months leading up to it as well as just after the season, it is common to hear about music concerts. These concerts can range from hearing a symphony orchestra to reggae shows, gospel concerts, soca shows. At one point hip hop concerts were popular but the trend seems to have stopped.

These concerts and shows take place at outside venues such as Snorkel Park, Gombeys, Somerset Cricket Club, and Tiger Bay in St. Georges. This creates an incredible experience where you’re listening to the soothing sounds of reggae feeling the irie breezes. Click below to listen to one of Bermuda's internationally recognized reggae stars, Collie Buddz.

Booze cruises

Happy hour cruises kick off nightlife in Bermuda during the summer and are very popular. These cruises tend to be what locals call booze cruises where you can dance on water and have the time of your life. The boat leaves from Albouys Point and circles the Great Sound area.

Local watering holes...

But nothing seems to be more popular or constant than the local watering holes. These are always buzzing with business. These hotspots also include local pubs and bars. Most are located within the City of Hamilton but you will find one in every parish.

The city naturally has a great mix of locals, tourist and guest workers all in one concentrated area. As you branch out from the city you tend to get into more neighbourhood style of bars which are generally filled with locals, however if you want to get in more with how locals “get down”, these are the sorts of bars you may want to stop by.

Popular local watering holes

Popular bars include, Coconut Rock , Pickled Onion , Docksiders Pub, Port o Call Restaurant, Henry VIII, Robin Hood Restaurant, Northrock Brewing Co, Woodys Sports Bar, Outback Sports Club, The Dog House, The Beach, East End Mini Yacht Club, Country Squire, Frog n Onion Pub and Cafe Cairo.

Late night additions

New additions to the late night scene include wine bars that offer both great tasting wines from around the world specializing in French, Italian and American brands and providing loads of information about each. Such bars include Little Venice Wine Bar and Harry's.

Are there any strip clubs?

Bermuda is a conservative island and you will not find any strip clubs or casinos. However, the government is currently considering dabbling into the realm of casinos in order to boost tourism to the island. With such additions to nightlife in Bermuda it would no doubt encourage more and more to visit these pink shores.

Gambling in Bermuda

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