Peppercorn Ceremony... Witness This Traditional Event

The Peppercorn Ceremony is an annual event held in the old town of St. George. Originally this event was held in 1816 when the capital moved to the City of Hamilton. During this time the Old State House was handed over to Freemasons for an annual rental agreement of one peppercorn. The State House was the original seat of government and after the move Governor Sir James Cockburn approved use of the building by the Freemasons.

Today this event is celebrated in style. This 398 year old ceremony is attended by many dignitaries including the Premier, Governor of Bermuda, the Mayor of Hamilton and the Mayor of St. George. There is a parade through the old town, the St. George town crier performs, 17 gun salute signaling the Governor's arrival by horse and carriage, performance by the Bermuda Regimental Band and Corps while the Governor receives his military guard of honour. The actual peppercorn is received on a velvet pillow placed on a silver platter.

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