Observe Remembrance Day

On the eleventh month on the eleventh day Remembrance Day is celebrated in Bermuda and the rest of the British Commonwealth Nations. 

How many Bermudians served in the wars?

Bermuda had about 3000 men and women who served fighting for Bermuda during the World Wars and Korean War. All Bermudian veterans are honored on Remembrance Day. Bermuda veterans served overseas in Bermuda Home Guard, British Army, and Bermuda Militia Artillery, who was made up entirely of black soldiers, Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Merchant Navy, Royal Air Force, Royal Canadian Air Force, Royal Canadian Navy and US Armed Forces.

Bermuda's role in the great wars

In 1812 Bermuda was used as a base by the British Navy during the American War of Independence. The island had formed close ties with America and had political ties to Britain.

When the United States Civil war was raging Bermudas strategic location became utilized by the cotton traders. Since the war in the United States was between the North and South the southern ports were blocked by the northern troops thus making it impossible for the cotton traders to off load their cargo. Therefore Bermuda became a trans-shipment center.

What is done to remember these brave soldiers?

To mark this solemn day, also known as Remembrance Day, a parade is held on Front Street where surviving war veterans and the descendants of deceased veterans march wearing full military uniform and medals. The march begins at 11 am and ends at the Cenotaph in front of Cabinet House. It is here that they lay wreaths and a two minute silence is held to remember those who fought in the various wars. 

Who is in the parade?

The parade also includes the Bermuda Regiment Band and Drum Corps, Bermuda Pipe Band, Fire Service, Boy Scouts and Salvation Army. All dignitaries are present including the Governor of Bermuda, Premier of Bermuda and the Mayor of Hamilton. Once the governor arrives he salutes the veterans then inspects their ranks.

Are there any memorials to honor the deceased?

In 2010 a Bermuda War memorial was erected listing all the names of those who served. The names are listed in gold and after the parade it is common to find relatives of deceased verterans along with surviving ones trying to locate their names on this memorial.  

Another memorial can be found at Albouys point, located near the ferry terminal.

If you are in Bermuda around this date this would be something that should be viewed.  The Remembrance Day Bermuda War memorial is open daily to visitors.  It is located on Front Street on the same property as Cabinet Building.