Rubber Duck Derby Race A Duck For Charity

The Rubber Duck Derby is a very popular annual event in Bermuda during the month of June and usually held on a Sunday. It takes place at Ordnance Island, St. George's in which all the rubber ducks purchased by way of a donation to various charities is dumped into the water and raced to the finish line. There are four races namely Youth race ($5 per duck), Pamper Me ($10 per duck) and Family Races ($20 per duck). This year the races will begin with a Corporate Race. The first ducks past the finish line win prizes for their sponsoring charity. The funds raised at previous derbies have been used to support bereavement services, purchase medical equipment and medication, as well as support salaries, and further education for important jobs within the charity organization. The event is sponsored by Friends of Hospice and the Bermuda Electric Light Company ("BELCO").

Ducks for the event can be purchased at various locations throughout the island including grocery stores, Bermuda Gas and BELCO.

This year we decided to take the kids to the free event. It is a large event drawing lots of families out for the festivites. There are fun castles, hot dogs, souvenier stalls, as well as local entertainment. The Town was bumping as all the shops, restaurants, and other establishments in the area were open for business. We had the privilege to witness and take in the irie sounds of the steel pan band which was played by young children -that was such a delight. The rubber duck races can be watched off of Ordnance Island in the Town of St. Georges from various vantage points. Since we allowed the kids to lead the way we ended up visiting the Old Towne market. This market is worth the visit as vendors are selling everything from local made dolls, home made jewellrey, clothes, snow balls, home made baked goods, fresh catches of the day, fun castles for the children and lots more. The kids had a blast, combined with the Bermuda heat it was a great outing for all.

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