St Georges Parish

St Georges parish is located north east of all the island chains that make up Bermuda. Named after the Sea Venture Captain, Sir George Somers, this parish includes Tuckers Town and many other smaller islands namely Nonsuch, Paget, Castle, Smiths, Coopers, Longbird and Coney. Technically it includes the island of St David’s however many locals refer to St David’s as another parish because of the harbour which separates them.

Below is a picture of the town of St. Georges.

Reclamation Of Land Project Begins

At one point in Bermuda's history, Coopers Island and Longbird Island became one when a major project of reclamation of land began during World War II. As a result, this added more acres of land to the parish thus making it Bermuda's largest parish.

The airport, which was previously named Bermuda International Airport when the USAAF/RAF base was stationed on the island, shared the reclaimed land with Kindley Field, USAF base, Kindley Air Force Base, US Navy air station and NAS Bermuda. Today the airport has been renamed the L. F. Wade International Airport.

The Former First Capital Of The Island

The town bearing this parish's name was once the capital of Bermuda. It was the first colonized island out of the entire group of islands by the survivors of the Sea Venture wreckage. It wasn't long before these settlers created the first municipality and political assembly. The Town Hall, as seen in the picture above, is open daily for visitors.

Things To See And Do In The Ole Town

Today the old town of St Georges looks very similar to how it was back in the 1600's. The streets are still cobbled and narrow, the town hall is still operational, even the docking stools that were once used as punishment for suspected witches are preserved for historic purposes.

There is also a replica of the Deliverance, as shown above, one of the ships built by the Sea venture survivors which sailed on to help repopulate the Jamestown colony. For a small fee you can enter and experience what life must have been like for those who made that journey.

If you explore the town during the evening hours you will find it quite peaceful. The town has a little buzz in the streets but that is mainly to the restaurants and small boutique stores in the immediate area. You may even see locals enjoying the cool evening breeze at the little garden park where the statue of Sir George Somers is located.

Along Ordnance Island you may also see locals fishing off the wharf or bridge. Most shops will be closed by 5pm daily however there are quite a few that remain open into the evening. While basking in the tranquility of the town you can't help but almost envision life in the 1600's where horse drawn carriages and town folk walking around added to the historical ambiance already present.

Ducking Stool Re-enactment

This is quite a performance and draws many people to the dock in the ole town.  This re-enactment showcases the town nag and gossip, the town drunk, their trial and punishment.  On this day her punishment was seven dunks in the ocean, as shown below.

Other Popular Attractions

Other attractions located in St Georges include the stoks, as pictured above, Fort St Catherine , Gates Fort, Bermuda Biological Station for Research, The Perfume Factory, Tobacco Bay, The Unfinished Church, golf course, World Heritage Center, Historical Society Museum, The Globe Hotel museum, Tucker House museum, The Old State House, Town Hall, St. Peters Church, the Old Rectory, as well as many intimate beaches to choose from.

Below is a picture of The Old State House.

Nature Reserves and Parks

Two large nature reserves and park are located in St Georges. Stokes Point Reserve and Coopers Island Reserve and Ferry Reach Park are all popular locations where you can explore Bermuda's unique vegetation and animals.

A snapshot of the nature trail at Coopers Island Reserve is shown below. 

Annual Events In The Ole Town

The Bermuda National Trust hosts an annual walkabout of the old town of which is usually held during the Christmas season. This year the walkabout took place 7 December 2012. The town was jammed packed with tourists, locals and guest workers taking advantage of the free admission to all the National Trust museums and properties. There was also live entertainment ranging from local dance school Christmas productions, musicians and choirs. This event draws thousands of people and is considered to be one of the highlights of the Christmas season.  A picture of the Ole Town during Christmas festive season can be seen below.

The Peppercorn Ceremony is another annual event held in the town square, in early April, which is an exact reenactment of the original ceremony of paying one peppercorn as a rent.

During the month of May the town hosts the east end In Bloom competition where local gardens and storefronts put on displays of their gardens in bloom.

The annual Art Walk which is held in the fall and for the first time in 2013 in June.  This is an awesome free event in which you can view the talented artists Bermuda has to offer.

Below is a picture of Town Hall displaying the onion which drops at the turn of a New Year.

Places To Stay

This is a peaceful parish to enjoy your stay while in Bermuda. There are several options available to you one is a time share namely St. Georges Club. Grotto Bay Hotel is a resort offering unique facilities such as a spa in their Serenity Cave and underwater cavern system great for snorkeling and scuba diving as well as a nearby jet ski, kayaking etc. rental shop. But if you want to stay in old world charm then Aunt Nea's Inn would be an ideal spot for you.

There have been proposals submitted to build another major hotel on the Old Club Med site. This would be great addition to St Georges because it will drive thousands more tourists to the parish thus adding to the revitalization of the old town.

The Ole Town Is Budding With Potential

There is so much St Georges has to offer including their own elite bedding and home furnishing store namely JW Season, an urban men's clothing store namely THE CAVE, Last Night Boutique specializing in women's lingerie and clothing, A2Z shoes and Accessories, Sweet SAAK bakery, HOWE a home furniture store, Tamasun's Japanese restaurant, Visitor's Service Center, CV Cafe and David Rose jewelry store. This all does not include the ever popular restaurants, Wong's Golden Dragon, Tavern By The Sea, Wahoo's, Temptations and White Horse Tavern which consistently drive visitors and locals to the town.