Stop By Swizzle Inn For A Refreshing Drink

swizzleinneastSwizzle Inn is a very popular restaurant and bar. With two prime locations, these restaurants are always buzzing with excitement. On Thursday nights they feature a BBQ special in which its alluring fumes draws you in from afar. These restaurants are home to the islands infamous beverage, Rum Swizzle, which goes well with any appetizer on the menu.

These appetizers are both delicious and extremely filling including iguana eggs, nachos, mozzerella sticks and hot wings. During dinner you can enjoy live local entertainment playing sweet sounds of reggae and calypso music. One interesting feature is the menu which is designed to look just like a newspaper!

The original restaurant is located in Bailey's Bay just before entering or leaving the causeway. Many guests who stay at the Grotto Bay Beach Resort can take advantage of a short walk to enjoy this popoular eatery. A gift shop is located upstairs where you can purchase various memorabilia. These items include tee shirts, hats, postcards and the like. It is not uncommon to see tourists, who are en route to the airport, detour for a quick bite to eat with their luggage right by their side! The sister restaurant is located on South Shore, Warwick.

There is no doubt that this is a great place for casual drinks, food and fun where the experience is sure to be a memorable one!

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