Is The Bermuda Triangle
Real Or A Myth?

Legend says that the Bermuda Triangle, also known as Devils Triangle, is responsible for unexplained disappearances of ships and aircrafts.

Who has gone missing?

The USS Cyclops went missing in March 1918, Flight 19 disappeared in December 1945 and the SS Marine Sulphur Queen sank in February 1963, the TBM Avenger bombers went missing in 1945 and a Douglas DC-3 aircrafts went missing without a trace in 1958 somewhere in the triangle. In most of the disappearances ever recorded nothing was ever found of the vessels or aircrafts.

Where is the triangle located?

Each of the imaginary points are located in the Atlantic Ocean and expand between Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Florida. No one knows for sure just how big this vast area of ocean is in miles but cruise ships, cargo ships and other boats frequently sail through the area. Aircrafts also frequently fly over this same air space.

A comparable area is located off the east coast of Japan known as the Devil’s Sea is also responsible for mysterious disappearance.

Bermuda Triangle Map

So is it a myth?

Several theories have come about attempting to prove that the Bermuda Triangle does not exist. Even the US Navy believes that it is just a myth. But many people believe the stories of the disappearances so much that they shudder in fear just the thought of coming to the island for vacation thinking that they too may go missing!

Disappearances can be explained

However, to calm the fears it is theorized that these disappearances can be explained. The Atlantic Ocean is a young ocean that is still growing to this day. As the Mid-Atlantic Ridge continues to expand with the moving of tectonic plates it is believed that some of these disappearances can be linked to underwater volcanoes.

Dramatic variances in the topography of the ocean floor between shoals and deep trenches along with strong currents from the Gulf Stream, which runs right through the mysterious area, can be quite strong, swift and turbulent erasing any evidence of disaster. The general constant state of flux underwater can all be attributed to these disappearances.

What do the experts think?

Dr. Ben Clennell believed that large amounts of methane gas locked below the sea floor can be disastrous if released by underwater landslides causing a floating ship to sink to the bottom in seconds. Other theories include waterspouts, rogue waves, large sea creatures, time dimensions, pirates, unidentified flying objects, rough weather, hurricanes, deliberate sinking’s, magnetic anomalies, fires, structural and mechanical failures.

What is the general consensus?

However the most dominated theory seems to be that of human error. Crossings of the triangle are usually attempted with boats that are too small by inexperienced sailors with insufficient knowledge of the area’s dangers.

Bermuda Triangle Map

In any case the unusual disappearances of aircrafts and vessels within the Bermuda Triangle remain a mystery. Incidents have been reported to the public ever since 1950 and the stories continue to increase although overall it is believed that the numbers of casualties in this area are no different than those in other parts of the ocean.

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