Feast For Cheap At
The Paraquet Restaurant

The Paraquet Restaurant is extremely affordable and family oriented. This diner style restaurant is located in Paget Parish near Elbow Beach and is extremely popular with locals and tourists alike. It is a hotspot for taxi drivers as well. Its cheerful and friendly staff members make this establishment one of the best places on the island to stop and have a meal.

Long Hours Keep The Restaurant Buzzing

With hours of operation from 8:00am until midnight, it is always buzzing with business. This restaurant has been around for years. So long that I can remember my parents talking about going there when they were younger. Although management has changed they have made it top priority to preserve the friendly casual atmosphere that all have come to know and love.

An Extremely Large Selection Of Meal Options

Not only do they offer a variety of menu options, they also serve freshly baked raisin rolls, whole wheat breads, white rolls, banana breads and chocolate chip cookies. Magazines and newspapers are also available for those who want to read while they dine.

The menu itself offers so much for anyone in the family ranging from breakfast delights, soups and chowders, salads, sandwiches, burgers, wraps, subs, a broad range of options from the grill, fish and seafood. Traditional Bermudian dishes are served daily including cod fish cakes, fish chowder and Bermuda lobsters, when in season, and cod fish breakfast served on weekends only.

Everything on the menu is extremely affordable with most dishes under $13.00. My favourites include a fish sandwich on whole wheat toast with lettuce, tomato, onions and tartar sauce, a burger with the works, a codfish cake on a raisin bun, a chicken filet burger, chocolate and strawberry milkshakes and a delicious lemon meringue pie, where the meringue is the height of a small child!

Are Gratuities Included In The Final Bill?

Gratuities are not included in your bill however, should your party be larger than 6 persons then an automatic 15% will be added to your bill.

Open 7 Days A Week

The Parquet Restaurant is open seven days a week and has recently started catering services for functions including weddings, parties, and corporate events. It is a great place to stop by, at any time, for a quick bite to eat or take out.

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