The Unfinished Church

Majestic ruins of The Unfinished Church can be found in St. Georges.  It is located on Duke of Kent street en route to Tobacco Bay.  The building itself is made out of limestone of which the weathered look from the elements has made it a picturesque opportunity that should not be missed.

Why is the church unfinished?

Construction began back in the 1870's as a result of incredible damage that was done to St. Peters Church.  It was originally thought that the damage was so significant that instead of fixing the damaged parts it would be more feasible to just build a new church all together.  However, due to a lot of differences between the church congregation and the lack of sufficient funds all construction efforts came to a halt.

As a result of much division it was decided, outside of the church congregation, that perhaps it would be best if they just repair the damage to St. Peter's Church instead.  It is a shame that the building was unable to be completed.  It would have been even more beautiful with the stain glass windows in place, as the original plans dictated.

An ideal place for weddings and pictures

Once upon a time weddings were allowed to be held in the unfinished church.  At one point permission could have been sought in order for a  couple to take their wedding photographs here.  You can still see the inside of the building because there are no windows or doors, but you just can't enter because it is gated.  Still, this should not deter any one from obtaining beautiful pictures of history.

Is the church open for visitors?

Currently the church is closed to visitors.   It is considered to be unsafe. It is preserved by the Bermuda National Trust and now protected by the World Heritage Site organization.  Once the necessary repairs have been made to make the historical site safe again, the gates will reopen for visitors to enter and admire the natural beauty of this unfinished architectural feat.