Considering Yachting
to Bermuda?

Yachting to Bermuda is a growing trend. If you are able to come to Bermuda this way you are definitely part of the elite visitors to the island.

Bermuda's Strategic Location

Despite what many think, Bermuda is not located in the Caribbean. It is actually off of South Carolina, being it sits on the North American tectonic plate. As a result Bermuda is strategically located for stop over’s for many yachters enroute to the Caribbean or from the Caribbean to the United States.

Many yachters are attracted to Bermuda

If your yachting to Bermuda you must come into port in St. George’s Harbour. Peak season for these stops occur during the summer months. The island attracts over 1000 of these beautiful vessels each year and there are active plans in place to encourage more to visit these shores. Each year the Newport Bermuda Race attracts many yachters.

What is Bermuda's exact coordinates

Bermuda lies 667 nautical miles to the southeast of New York in the Atlantic Ocean at 32°23’ North latitude and 64° 38’ West longitude and is 640 nautical miles from Norfolk, Virginia and 687 nautical miles from Boston. The island is not in a Trade Wind Zone.

Are there any dominating weather systems?

A north easterly flow of weather systems from the Eastern Seaboard of the US continues over to Bermuda. During the summer months there is a Bermuda-Azores High. The Bermuda-Azores High is responsible for Bermuda’s muggy high humidity climate. It dominates the area and produces wind speeds of about 15 knots.

What are the tide averages?

The tides average rise and fall varies between three and four feet.

Make contact with Rescue Coordination Center

When yachting to Bermuda it is important to make contact with the Rescue Coordination Center or Bermuda Harbour Radio via radio on VHF Channel 16 when you are within 30 miles of the island. This is to your benefit as they will be able to alert you should you pass too close to the reefs.

Fly a yellow flag when entering

When entering St. Georges Harbour, through town cut, you must fly a yellow flag from your vessel until you have cleared customs. The Custom Office is located on Ordnance Island and is open from 8am – 4pm. After clearing customs you are allowed to travel throughout the island. Failure to stop at Customs will result in being heavily fined.

What to do if arriving at night

Should you arrive throughout the night you must stay anchored at Five Fathom Hole (32° 23’N 64° 37’W) until day break, in order to clear Customs. There is a minimal entrance fee that is required to be paid. Yachts are allowed to stay in the island for six months.

Be sure you have the proper documents

If you are a national from United States, Canada, Caribbean Islands, Hong Kong or United Kingdom you are not required to have a visa. All other nationalities need a visa to enter Bermuda. Should you stay longer you will be required to pay a duty of 33.5% of the value of our vessel. Extensions are readily available and are obtained through Customs.

Celestially Navigating is a requirement

You must have at least one crew member on board who is capable of navigating by using the stars.

Ensure safety equipment is provided

When yachting to Bermuda you should have all safety equipment on board as outlined by your Coast Guard.

When is Hurricane Season?

Hurricane Season in Bermuda is from 1st June through to 30th November each year. The period of the greatest frequency of hurricanes occur during 15 August and 15 October period. The majority of the Storms passing the island are normally recorded during the month of September.

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